Kevlar bonded sewing thread. Tex-135. Natural Yellow. 1 x 3000m cone.


Kevlar sewing thread. Tex-135. Natural Yellow. 1 x 3000m cone. Unbranded.

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Kevlar is a para-aramid fibre made by Du Pont which has remarkable properties. The spun thread is 5 times stronger than steel thread (by weight), it does not melt, it is self-extinguishing, is flame resistant (but not fireproof), and will withstand temperatures up to 425° C continuously.

Kevlar thread has numerous specialist applications including: Sewing of heat and blast furnace protection wear, fire-fighter clothing, racing car driver clothing, personal protection equipment such as cut and ballistic protection – it is used in cut protection gloves and bullet-proof vests etc.

Kevlar thread also has uses in the media and entertainment sectors where fire is used, such as fire-juggling and other fire performance equipment, as well as many other applications including model making, musical instrument repair, camping and survival uses etc. The possible uses are endless.

Our kevlar threads are suitable for either hand sewing or machine sewing – this particular thread is very thick and only suitable for industrial sewing machines, though it may work on some domestic machines that can handle very thick threads – check the needle size specifications to see if your machine can handle it.

The higher the Tex number, the thicker the thread. As an approximate guide, Tex-40 is equivalent to most ‘normal’ domestic sewing thread widths.

*Our kevlar threads are not waxed and not suitable for unravelling to produce magicians’ invisible thread.

*All kevlar products are effected by strong UV light and will lose strength if left exposed to sunlight or UV for long periods. Kevlar will also degrade in contact with chlorine (such as bleach products and swimming pools).

We pack all our kevlar threads in black polythene bags to ensure that they are in pristine condition when received.

Tex Number: 135
Quantity: 1 x 3000m cone
Ticket No (metric size): 22
Count, dtex approx.:
Nm approx.:
Strength approx.:
Elongation approx.: 3-5%
Recommended needle size: Nm 130-150 / No.21-23

Weight 675 g
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